Prepare to Die And Play Again With Dark Souls: The Board Game

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Praise the sun and pass the battle axe. We’re taking on the worst creatures to ever come stumbling out of the fog. Be brave, my hollow heroes. Enter the world of Dark Souls: The Board Game. The board game based on the video game is as cruel and laborious as its digital counterpart. Weapons will fail you, health is scarce, and enemies attack with only one goal in mind – to kill. It’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll die in this game.

Liam O’Brien ( Critical Role), David Weybright ( Man Vs. Meeple), Vincent Caso, and Rob Manuel prepare to face the unspeakable, but well-painted horrors that await them in the dungeon. There will be plenty of combat, some rather bad decisions, and love in a barrel. (Don’t worry. It’s all explained in the video.) And if you haven’t checked out Dark Souls: The Board Game, this will be a taste of what’s to come once you open the box. Learn from their mistakes and maybe you too can survive the ordeal.


What did you think of the game? Could you survive the boss? Let us know in the comment section below.

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