PREACHER Season 2 Teaser Images Are Hellishly Tempting (Exclusive)

With the next season of  Preacher beginning on June 25, AMC has been getting us way hyped for more supernatural brutality. First there was the season two TV promo. Then we got the first hint of the Cowboy’s true identity as the Saint of Killers. And now, these exclusive images promoting the next chapter of Preacher are causing our hype levels to reach unholy heights. Like, “I wish we could go full Genesis to make the showrunners release this season ASAP” levels of hype.

“I’m lookin’ for the Lord ’cause I figure he’s deserted his creation.” – Preacher: Gone to Texas

That’s my Jesse Custer! Dominic Cooper here is a lot closer to the Jesse Custer I know from the comics than he was in season one, mostly because of the facial hair situation. In the above picture, he looks much more like a Jesse who would mow down a million angels if he thought it was the right thing to do.

“Hey, did anyone lose a hand? ‘Cause I just found this one on my ass!” – Preacher: Until the End of the World

Ruth Negga is always stunning, but this is next level. The retro feel of the image is a welcome callback to Preacher‘s 1990s roots (the comic debuted in 1995 and wrapped in 2000), while the dress + pose combo remind us that Tulip O’Hare is a) not a woman to be trifled with and b) someone you’d crawl to Hell and back for. Do not touch unless you want to get burned–and with Tulip, that’s not just a figure of speech.

“I’m gonna be the best son in the WHOLE WORLD!!” – Preacher: The Story of You-Know-Who

Oh, Eugene, you sweet, sweet baby. Well, we thought so, anyway, until we found out that you almost killed a girl who rejected your advances. In Preacher, a regretful “Nice Guy” is the closest we get to innocence. But after literally going to Hell, who knows what horrors he’s seen and what that’s done to him. There’s a good chance Eugene might not even seem nice anymore in season two…

“I had somethin’ taken from me. Only good in a bad life.” – Preacher: Saint of Killers

Now that the Cowboy has been revealed as the Saint of Killers, it is ON for real. If his performance in season one is any indicator, Graham McTavish is going to really do something interesting with his character in this next go. I can’t wait for him to finally cross paths with Jesse and company, and to wreak a whole lot of violence at the cost of his soul.

“And sure what’ve we got to fear except the sun?” – Preacher: Cassidy – Blood and Whiskey

Last and all kinds of best is Cassidy. That shirt! Joseph Gilgun’s eyebrow action! The smug nonchalant half-smile, making it look like he’s actually on fire but could not care less about it! And did we mention the shirt? He is magnificent. He’ll steal even more hearts and hemoglobin in season two, but, as this image hints, he is likely going to burn one day. And when that happens, it’ll break us all.

At least we’ll always have the memory of that shirt.

Who are you most excited to see again in Preacher season two? Which new characters do you think the show will introduce? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Pari Dukovic/AMC

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