Catch Up With The Saint Of Killers in New PREACHER Clip (EXCLUSIVE)

Preacher‘s very good second season is wrapping up soon, and what a strange ride it’s been. Soul-selling, that Frankie Muniz cameo, clubs where big beardy men shoot each other in the chest for fun, Cassidy’s Highly Inappropriate Lullaby Corner…the world of Jesse and friends is even wilder than it was before. I mean, trapping a manifestation of infernal vengeance in an armored truck and sinking that truck in a swamp, only to discover that the guy you were trying to kill in said swamp has somehow disappeared without leaving behind even a single boggy bootprint? Buckwild.

How the heck did the Saint of Killers get out of the truck, anyway? Fans thought the Grail might have had something to do with it–or maybe another player was in the game, trying to get a piece of that sweet Genesis action. In this exclusive clip from episode 12, you can find out a.) how the Saint escaped his swampy death trap, b.) who/what helped him escape, and c.) how far some folks will go to try and control the power of the Word of God.[brightcove video_id=”5559888663001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]

Unfortunately, not all our questions will be answered. For instance, how did the Saint occupy himself until he was rescued? He didn’t even have a phone down there on which to play Candy Crush. No wonder he’s raging at the start of the clip. And why do people who spend so much time walking around in the mud insist on wearing light colors? That might be the show’s greatest mystery of all.

Did you notice any eye-catching tidbits, Easter eggs, or nods to the comic in the clip? Let us know!

Images: AMC /  Giphy

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