Someone Created a PowerPoint Making Fun of Friends’ Typos

The essence of your character at its very core is only truly on display in the immediate aftermath of your notice of a friend’s typo. Do you let such an error slide as a virtual nonissue? Do you point out the mistake as to assert your intellectual superiority? Or do you, a righteous individual, take the opportunity to mine this most fertile of soil for high-grade comedy?

Even most of us who’ve spent our lives toiling tirelessly in the latter camp, manufacturing one elaborate jest after another from countless now-former friends’ hasty misspellings, can’t quite compare to the prodigy that is one Erin Weaver. In the throes of a pandemic-laden April, Weaver breached the stale fog of Twitter with an extended Microsoft PowerPoint presentation ranking their friends’ best (read: most humorous) typographical errors. And if you’re the kind of person who loves to ridicule a close companion’s innocent slip-up, Erin’s work will turn the blood in your veins to rocket fuel.

Note: Some coarse language to follow. (But hey, we all know that the business of making fun of friends’ typos can bring us to some pretty unsavory places.)

Error occurred!

Erin’s introductory panels detailed the nature of a good typo, proving that there is in fact an artistry to such work, that we are going about such creative endeavors with tact and forethought, and that were not just insensitive dicks who can’t control ourselves (…I may be projecting). From there, the presentation showcased six of the best typos Erin had taken note of among their extended circle of friends, in ascending order of affirmed quality.

By now, you’re probably zooming back through the annals of your own memory to recall the best of the best of your hapless chums’ conversational misprints. Lord knows we’ve all got some great ones on the backlog, awaiting just the right occasion for revival. Man oh man, that wedding speech is going to kill…

Featured Image: Sony Pictures Television

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