Power Up Your Next Vacation With SUPER MARIO Luggage

Some of Nintendo‘s most iconic characters are traveling from the Mushroom Kingdom to… well, wherever it is you’re going on your next big trip.

Nintendo Japan recently announced a new luggage and travel accessories set, all as versatile and dependable as Mario himself. And, of course, every single piece is adorable.

This eye-catching travel collection isn’t just one small carry-on or a single cute pouch for carrying your odds and ends—Mario always goes big or goes to another castle.

In the new collection, you’ll find just about everything you need to make your next trip super. A Yoshi eye mask, Chain Chomp and Mario mustache luggage tags, suitcase belts, a passport cover, a Question Block suitcase, and much more are all part of the impressive product announcement. The patterns are bold but cute, and focus on Mario’s classic power-ups and more diminutive enemies. (Sorry, Waluigi. Snubbed again.)

And in true Super Mario style, some of the accessories even transform. A neck pillow folds up into a small mushroom pillow or a small Question Block, and a small printed pouch powers up into a large tote.

Prices range from 1800 yen to 3000 yen, or about sixteen to twenty-six dollars, depending on the exchange rate. You can find the matching Switch accessories for pre-order on some import sitesnow, with an expected release in August. While no other country or region has announced these items other than Nintendo Japan, fingers are crossed that we’ll see some of these amazing Mario-themed travel accessories take their own trips to stores worldwide.

Which Super Mario travel accessory is a must-have? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Nintendo Japan

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