Pop Culture Plushies Turn Movie Monsters into Cuddly Toys

Based out of Moscow, Russia, Catherine Abanina has a truly all-purpose Etsy shop. She makes clothes, paintings, and most importantly, adorable plushies based on pop culture favorites. Have you ever wanted a cuddly little xenomorph from Alien to snuggle up with at night? Now you can. In fact, she’s got several plushies based on favorite movie/TV characters in her shop. We discovered this shop via Geeks Are Sexy, and down below are just some of our favorites from the Abalaba Etsy store.

The Alien xenomorph looks much like an adorable pooch. Just one that kind of wants to kill you. Actually, it reminds us of the unused Whippet dog xenomorph from Alien 3. This puppy will set you back a not small amount of $559. But you’d definitely have one of the most unique Alien artifacts out there.


Catherine Abanina 

If that xenomorph is just to rich for your (acid) blood, this “Teddy Xeno” is priced much lower, and is just as cute. This one will only set you back $133.


Catherine Abanina 

Where there’s a xenomorph, there’s just as often a Predator to try to kill one. This lil’ guy can sit next to your Elf on the Shelf, as he silently plans your capture and kill. This adorable extraterrestrial hunter can be yours for $419.00.


Catherine Abanina 

Not all of the pop culture plushies are sinister. But this adorable Lotsa-Huggin-Bear from Toy Story 3 most certainly is. In fact, he’s the scariest one so far! Lotsa comes priced at $213. And there are other Toy Story inspired goodies in her shop as well. Most not as evil as Lotsa.


Catherine Abanina 

Another beloved Disney character who gives us all the creeps? The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. If you want to see that creepy smile on the regular, has a plushie of him for $299.00.

ALIEN and PREDATOR Make for Creepy Yet Adorable Plushies_1

Catherine Abanina 

“I am Groot.” I am also adorable, and I will set you back a cool $559.00


Catherine Abanina 

There are even some plushies based on the boys from South Park. Kenny got one, priced at $83.00. As did Craig. But somehow, Kyle, Cartman, and Stan got no love. I guess Craig has a bigger fanbase than we thought?

ALIEN and PREDATOR Make for Creepy Yet Adorable Plushies_2

Catherine Abanina 

For more cool items, be sure to head on over to the Abalaba Etsy shop.

Featured Image: Catherine Abanina 

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