Pop Culture-Inspired Fire Pits Make for a Nerdy Summer BBQ

With summer now upon us, a lot of folks will be hitting their backyards for a little outdoor cooking. But why not bring your love of pop culture to the yard? Thanks to the folks over at Laughing Squid, we’ve learned about one very creative fan and metal worker named Danny Lyons, the creator of Trash Metal Fabrications. Lyons builds amazing wood-burning stoves and fire pits in the shape of characters and vehicles from some of our favorite movies and TV series. Not only are these hand-welded items meticulously crafted, but each one of them is made completely out of recycled materials.

Among his many pop culture-inspired creations are some wonderful additions from the galaxy far, far away. Not only is there a fire pit shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet, but also R2-D2 and even an Imperial TIE Fighter. Heck, if you really want a full Star Wars themed set up in your yard, you can add these right alongside your Millennium Falcon fire pit and AT-AT grills created by Burned By Design.

From the depths of outer space to the land of Middle-Earth, this fire pit of the Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings trilogy is ominous and cool.

Doctor Who fans will probably want to have this Dalek inspired creation, which is hopefully a silent one. Otherwise that might be a really annoying barbecue night.

Among all his sci-fi themed fire pits and stoves, there are also several planters designed to look like the beloved animated characters the Minions series of movies. But worry not, there is also a Minions wood burner, too.

For more info on Trash Metal Fabrications, including how to order one of their creations for your own back yard, be sure to head on over to their Instagram and Facebook pages.
Featured Image: Trash Metal Fabrications

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