This Poop Emoji Toilet Plunger Is Extremely Appropriate

This is a tough subject about which to share a personal anecdote without getting disgusting, so I’ll be very vague: Recently, I found myself in a situation that required me to use a toilet plunger. It’s a useful tool, but while taking care of business, it would have been a more pleasant experience if there was some pizazz to break up the misfortune of a scenario that necessitates a plunger. If there’s one company out there that understands what I’m talking about, it’s Squatty Potty, whose flagship namesake product is one of the most successful in Shark Tank history and has changed the way folks use the bathroom. Now they’ve added a wonderfully on-brand product to their offerings that will bring some brightness to an otherwise dark restroom experience: A toilet plunger that looks like a poop emoji (via Geekologie).

This Poop Emoji Toilet Plunger Is Extremely Appropriate_1
Squatty Potty

It makes perfect sense: The poop emoji is already plunger-shaped, it’s themed appropriately for its setting, and it makes an unfortunate experience just a little bit more pleasant. Unlike a lot of novelties like this, it’s actually priced reasonably, too: if you get one on Amazon, it will only set you back $15.

In other poop-related news: The second season of the surprise Netflix hit series American Vandal just got its first trailer, and this time, the focus is on a new villain: the Turd Burglar, who caused an event known as “The Brownout” at a Catholic high school. Times are good in the world of poop fans.

What do you think of the poop plunger? Let us know down in the comments!

Featured Image: Squatty Potty

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