Police Hoverbikes Will Soon Fly Over Traffic at 45 MPH

Being airborne would certainly be helpful in law enforcement, allowing police officers to sniff out crime from a convenient vantage point. That’s what police in Dubai are thinking, anyway, as it was just announced that they’re looking to incorporate hoverbikes into the force in the future ( via NBC News).

The Hoversurf Scorpion, developed by Russian drone manufacturer Hoversurf is a battery-powered hoverbike that can reach a height of 16 feet—plenty high enough to cruise above a traffic jam—and travel at around 45 miles per hour. That’s fast enough to keep up with cars so long as they’re not on the highway.

There’s no word yet on when these bikes will start seeing official law enforcement action, but either way, the future looks fascinating, and it’ll be interesting to see when this kind of technology reaches a consumer level. Would you buy a hoverbike like this (or at least make friends with the local billionaire who has one)? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Featured image:  Alexander Atamanov

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