Mads Mikkelsen Gets His Own JOHN WICK with First POLAR Trailer

We’ve seen the amazing Mads Mikkelsen in all kinds of roles. He’s thrilled us as both heroes and villains, not to mention characters that fall somewhere in between. But now he’s going full on badass as a notorious former contract killer trying to lead the quiet life, but who must come out of retirement for one more mission in the new Netflix film Polar. And yes, it’s technically a comic book film, as it is based on the original graphic novel and web comic from creator Victor Santos. You can check out the latest trailer for the film down below:

In this film, Mikkelsen plays a former assassin who goes by the name “Black Kaiser,†who gives up a life of killing for money and tries to live a relatively normal existence somewhere very cold and isolated. But as so often happens to ex-mercenaries in these kinds of stories, his bloody past comes back to haunt him. A group of younger assassins end up coming after Black Kaiser, and all hell breaks loose when they kidnap his young neighbor, played by Vanessa Hudgens. Although the story bears certain similarities to John Wick, the laser gloves worn by Mikkelsen suggest this is leaning a little more into the comic book crazy, and we are totally here for it.Aside from Mikkelsen and Hudgens, the film also stars Vikings Katheryn Winnick, as well as legendary actor Richard Dreyfuss. Polar is helmed by Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund, who for 20 years directed music videos and concert tour films for the likes of Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and more, and who recently made his breakout feature with the horror film Lords of Chaos.Polar is set to drop on Netflix on January 25.

Images: Netflix

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