POKÉMON ULTRA SUN and ULTRA MOON Packs a Lot Of New Features

The Nintendo Switch is a phenomenal console, but let’s not forget that the Nintendo 3DS is alive and well, and there are still plenty of quality experiences to look forward to that are coming to the platform soon. The most obvious examples are Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and in today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, we learned a lot about the latest installments in the Pokémon franchise.

The most immediately exciting piece of news is the introduction of two mysterious new Ultra Beasts: UB Burst, which will be exclusive to Ultra Sun, and UB Assembly, which you’ll only find on Ultra Moon. Aside from some battle animations in the video, there’s not too much we know about either just yet. UB Burst looks almost like a mix of Mr. Mime and fellow Ultra Beast Nihilego, except UB Burst seems to be able to throw its floating, detached head and make it explode. Meanwhile, UB Assembly looks like a walking stone tower that also has the ability to levitate and seemingly store energy in its hollow body.

The games also feature new legendary Pokémon Necrozma, who, despite what it looks like, is actually on the cover of both games. The Pokémon has a basic black form, but it is also capable of absorbing Lunala and Solgaleo to become Dawn Wings Necrozma and Dusk Mane Necrozma, respectively.

New areas are also introduced, as well as the ability to equip your character with new clothing items, a new way to encounter your starter Pokémon, and if you buy either game before January 10th, you can get a special Rockruff that can evolve into a Dusk Form of Lycanroc. Pokémon Gold and Silver will also be available for purchase via the Virtual Console, and buying them will net you a gift of Celebi for any of the current generation Pokémon games.

With all this news, the November 17th release date feels so far away now. What new features are you most excited about? Watch the video above and let us know in the comments below!

Images: The Pokémon Company

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