POKÉMON THE MOVIE Trailer Unites Ash and Pikachu with Tons of Legendary Pokémon

The story of Pokémon is a tale as old as time… at least for those who believe time began in 1997. Regardless, it’s a story that fans know well: Ash Ketchum, ever the late sleeper, was late to getting his starter Pokémon from Professor Oak, so all that remained was a difficult Pikachu, whose trust he eventually earned after some bonding experiences. And though we know it well, it’s a story that’s being retold in the upcoming movie Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You!, which has just released its first full English trailer.

We previously got a teaser trailer that shows a bit of Pikachu and Ash’s origin story, as well as their first encounter with the legendary bird Ho-Oh. In this trailer, we see Oak’s lab, freshly out of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, and with only a temperamental electric mouse to speak of. Elsewhere, Ash declares to Pikachu that they’ll both meet Ho-Oh, and we get some glimpses of their adventures in picturesque landscapes.

We’ve seen it already, but it’s still interesting to note that there are a ton of non-first-generation Pokémon in the movie. Aside from Ho-Oh, we see Incineroar, Lycanroc, Lucario, Xerneas, Entei, and others. With all those Legendary Pokémon in the mix, it’s sure to be an amazing journey.

Watch the trailer above, and let us know in the comments below what elements of the original story you’d like to see return, and what sorts of new things you’d be interested in this movie exploring.

Featured image: The Pokémon Company

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