PLANET FLAT EARTH Explores the Wonders of Our Disc-Shaped Home

The sweeping majesty of our oceans. The magnificence of our jungles. The breathtaking beauty of our mountains. Our home is a fascinating, wondrous place populated by billions and billions of amazing creatures spread out over vast climates and lands. But no matter where you are on the globe, and no matter what you may find there, one thing binds us all together. From the tiniest bug to the biggest whale, from the driest desert to the most lush rainforests, we are all at risk of falling over the edge. Literally. And you can learn why in our exclusive first look at the all new nature documentary series Planet Flat Earth.

From the creators of “ Jurassic Fraud” and “ Jim and the Grinch,” Nerdist Presents proudly brings to you our latest docuseries, one that isn’t afraid to say what we all know, even if “they” don’t want us to—that the Earth is flat! Planet Flat Earth will let you see the world as you never have before: truthfully. Join the journey across plains, forests, seas, and snow, as each step of brings us closer and closer to going over the side of the flat globe and into the abyss of space whence nothing shall return.

Some might say this series is controversial, but there’s nothing controversial about cold, inarguable science that clearly says it’s impossible for an airplane to safely land on curved ground, and you can’t get that on a sphere, but you can get it on a disc.

That’s why this series will be as awe-inspiring and beautiful as the best BBC and National Geographic nature docs, but with the added bonus of being on the right, flat side of history. As long as the Lizard People don’t try and shut us down before it airs.

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