This Pizza Hut Pickup Truck Prepares Pies on the Road

Cowabunga, pizza party dudes! How come the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn’t think of this first? Via The Verge, Pizza Hut has revealed a Toyota Tundra that automatically takes pre-assembled pizzas from fridge to oven in about seven minutes, which should cut that 30-minutes-or-less time down a bit (wait, that was Domino’s, wasn’t it? Never mind; if this catches on they’ll copy it). The robotic arm in the back of the truck can’t yet make a pizza from scratch, as hand-tossing the dough in a flatbed would be quite the trick to master. But it does slice the finished, cooked product and put it in a box. Check out the device in action:

The Verge points out that it is open to the elements, but it wouldn’t be all that hard to get a flatbed cover on top (bonus: the cover’s top could be utilized for launching delivery drones, right? Right?). More of a challenge might be pothole-riddled city streets, along with sudden stops and periodic avoidance of Noids. On a brighter note, it’s a zero-emissions truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, so no need to worry about any extra gasoline exhaust flavoring.As of now, though, this vehicle is merely one of a kind, presumably to get the brand name out at events like film festivals and such. But it’s not hard to see how food trucks could make use of similar technology.Would you buy a pizza truck? Would you prefer a pizza untouched by human hands during the cookery and packing process? Give us a “pizza” your mind in comments.

Featured image: andersknudsen/Flickr

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