Pizza Hut Made Sneakers That Can Order a Large Pepperoni Pizza

If there’s one thing you can say about Pizza Hut, it’s that ordering one of their pizzas is no challenge. Aside from using the phone or actually going to a brick-and-mortar establishment, you can message them on Facebook and Twitter, and even use Amazon Alexa. Even with all those options, the company has discovered a new way to get a delicious pizza to your door, and it’s been right under our noses the whole time… or should we say, under our legs.

The restaurant just announced a new sneaker called Pie Tops (like high tops, get it!?) that allows you to order a pizza just by bending over and squeezing the shoe’s tongue ( via Engadget). The tongue contains a Bluetooth button that pairs with a phone app, where you can change the default order and configure button-press options. The shoes actually look pretty nice too, which makes sense, since they were designed by custom sneaker creators The Shoe Surgeon.

This is, of course, a promotional-type thing, so as you’d expect, these won’t be that widely available. The Pie Tops were created to celebrate Pizza Hut’s first year as the official pizza of the NCAA, and to commemorate this year’s March Madness basketball tournament. Only 64 pairs were produced, and while Pizza Hut’s website says they “will not be offered for public sale,” the company tells Engadget that a “handful” of shoes will be released to the public at some point.

Beyond that, we’re not sure how you’d go about getting your hands on a pair of these, although we bet one of you smarty-pants could figure out how to make your own with a Raspberry Pi or something.

Featured image: Pizza Hut

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