Pizza Cooks Really Fast in a 1600-Degree Forge Oven, It Turns Out

Making a decent pizza from scratch really isn’t that hard: Get your dough, put pizza stuff on it, and cook until it the crust becomes golden. Yet, there’s one thing most of us don’t have in our homes that’s necessary to make a really fine pizza: heat. Our ovens kick out enough degrees to burn our faces off, sure, but real pizza ovens are generally set at somewhere between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which your home appliances probably can’t achieve.

So if heat is what gets the job done, what happens when you try cooking a pizza in a forge that’s capable of melting metal at 1600 degrees? The folks from YouTube channel Essential Craftsman tried it out, and as you’d image, it cooks a pizza pretty darn fast ( via Tastefully Offensive).

Although the forge got up to around 1600 degrees, he let it cool down to around 800 before sliding the pizza into it, but that was still plenty hot. They checked the pie after a minute and it was nearly ready, but not quite, so they slid it in for a bit longer, and after a minute and 35 seconds, a taste test confirmed that it was totally ready to eat.

A forge like this one is probably best suited for other purposes, and perhaps it isn’t the most efficient way to prepare a pizza, but it’s definitely one of the most fun ways to get the job done. Have you ever come across any other creative ways to cook a pizza that actually work? Get at us on Twitter and share your thoughts.

Featured image: Essential Craftsman/YouTube

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