‘Sublime Ruby’ Kit Kat Made of Recently Revealed ‘Fourth Type of Chocolate’

We recently learned that a group of Swiss confectionery dabblers have been hard at work on a totally new type of chocolate dubbed “Ruby chocolate,” and now you can have your first taste of it in the form of a limited edition “Sublime Ruby” Kit Kat bar currently available in Japan, and for international delivery online. And while it’s hard to say exactly what the new mysterious flavor tastes like, we’re going to go ahead and assume that it pairs well with the flaky crunchiness of the popular breakable bars.

The Sublime Ruby Kit Kat bar, which comes via RocketNews, is made of the new Ruby chocolate that’s now been added to the list of other standard chocolate flavors including Dark, Milk, and White — White was the last new chocolate flavor added to the list and was invented about 80 years ago. The Ruby chocolate is the creation of Zurich-based cocoa producer Barry Callebaut, and according to the company, it offers “an intense sensorial delight” derived from a “tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” (Yes, our mouths are watering right now too.)

In terms of what wonderful new type of plant — or perhaps magical bean stock? — we have to thank for this fresh flavor of chocolat, it’s hard to say exactly. Barry Callebaut is keeping the Ruby chocolate recipe a trade secret, although the company has said that it’s made from a Ruby cocoa bean (which may just be a regular cocoa bean processed differently than usual). Regardless of the source of the chocolate, the Sublime Ruby Kit Kat is almost guaranteed to be a special occasion for one’s taste buds. It’s the creation of Kit Kat’s own Japanese patissier, Yasumasa Takagi, who claims that he’s “created an especially simple Kit Kat that allows you to enjoy the characteristic fruity fragrance and subtle acidity of ruby cacao to the fullest.”

Seven-piece Kit Kat Valentine’s Box

Whether or not the Ruby chocolate is indeed made from a new type of cocoa bean or simply a new type of processing, all that really matters is getting your hands on this new kind of chocolatey, crunchy treat, right? To that end, you can pick up one of the 5,000 limited edition bars either at one of Japan’s Kit Kat boutique stores, or online beginning January 19. Single Sublime Ruby bars will go for about $3.60, or you can purchase five- or seven-piece assorted flavor Valentine boxes that will go for about $16 and $21 respectively and be available February 1.

What do you think about this Sublime Ruby Kit Kat and this claim of a totally new type of chocolate? Give us some of that pink think in the comments below!

Images: Nestlé

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