Pimple-Popping Toy Lets You Bust Zits With Satisfaction

We all remember fidget spinners, right? The little toys that kept people’s hands busy for about a week before they ended up in a drawer somewhere? Well folks, we’ve found a new way for you to occupy your fingers, and it revolves around popping a little silicone sponge full of faux zits. (We know plenty of you out there just thought of that oh-so-satisfying pop! didn’t you?)

Boing Boing picked up on the little zit popper, which has been dubbed the PoP iT Pal by its creator, Bill Pierce. Pierce came up with the idea while driving with his wife, who asked the question, “How awesome would it be if we could make a pimple that felt real and the pop was huge, just like those videos we watch?” Pierce, a serious pus-bulb buster himself, felt she was onto something.

The result of that little epiphany was the Pop iT Pal you see in the clip above. It’s made of a skin-safe silicone and has 15 pores for all your pimple-popping pleasures. It can also be refilled with “natural puss [sic],” which sounds both intriguing and hugely disgusting.

On the Pop iT Pal site, Pierce notes that he has been a habitual pimple buster for some time, throwing down the two-thumb scrum on any little thing that provides a satisfying pop. But presumably the hope here is to replace that habit with this habit. Which would be great for all the people who do indeed relish in the bursting of little sacks of dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria plugged into a pore that will form some little empty space on the dermis once it’s been freed from its gross overlord.

The Pop iT Pal costs $19.99 and is free of shipping costs. It’s on backorder for six to nine weeks because, apparently, Mr. Pierce is not the only one who loves really grinding out those whiteheads.

What are your thoughts on this little pimple popper? Do you think this is a reasonable substitute for the real thing, or do you really need that painful release that comes from popping the real zits? Give us your disgusting thoughts in the gross comments below!

Images: Pop it Pal 

If this is zit!

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