PHOTOGRAPHY SIMULATOR Lets You Escape Into Quiet Nature

Escape to nature, the new-fashioned way. Madnetic Games presents a cool new simulator game, Photography Simulator. Sometimes, we just need an escape. Especially these days. But we can’t always enjoy the great outdoors live and in person. That’s where Photography Simulator, which we first saw on DesignTaxi, comes in.

According to the official game description:

Learn and explore the world of professional photography. Hunt for best pictures around the world. Sell your photos to magazines, buy and upgrade your gear, and whenever you get tired of waiting for a perfect shot there are ways to brighten your day waiting for you.

That sounds wholesome and relaxing—a perfect way to destress. We have to say that it’s nice to see first-person POVs of cameras and not weapons, for once. Definitely a refreshing change of pace. And, the visuals in Photography Simulator are stunning. Whether you’re taking pictures at a quiet lake or in the air via drone, the game is truly immersive. It’s like Pokémon Snap, but for real life.

Photography Simulator - dear against a beautiful lake at sunset

Photography Simulator

Photography Simulator -- a drone flies over a lake

Photography Simulator

This game gives you the full photography experience. As the trailer shows, a player starts by selecting their gear. And they can learn a lot about cameras while doing so. Then they head out to get the perfect shot. After that, players can travel and scout locations, enjoying the different wonders of each one. And, of course, the different wildlife available. The trailer even reveals that you can fly high with a drone for incredible aerial shots.

Photography Simulator plays like your most chill vacation dreams. And despite that, there’s still an element of excitement. What animals will you see? Will you snag the perfect shot? Low-stakes, high-rewards, the ideal game for this age. And, hey, who knows? You may just uncover a life-long secret talent for photography.

You can add Photography Simulator to your wishlist on Steam today. But please note, a launch date hasn’t yet been specified. The game appears designed for gameplay on the computer.

Happy hunting… for that perfect shot!

Featured Image: Photography Simulator

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