Fly to Neverland with New PETER PAN Fashion from Cath Kidston and Disney

Floral patterns go with everything as far as I’m concerned, but they get a little something extra when they’re combined with Disney characters. That’s happening with designer Cath Kidston’s latest Disney fashion collection. Her prints have a whimsical nature anyway, so pairing them with characters from Disney’s animated films is ideal. The upcoming line will transport you to Neverland because it’s all about Peter Pan.

Cosmopolitan first brought the utterly charming collection to our attention, and this video from Cath Kidston Ltd. previews a taste of how characters such as Tinker Bell fit into their aesthetic.

Tinker Bell’s prominent in the collection, which extends to homewares, too. In fact, I’d say she’s the star. Tink appears on mugs, purses, and even on this Peter Pan collar blouse. Get it—Peter Pan collar.

Excuse me, I’m taking a moment to picture all the skirts and pants I have that would go with that top.

The Peter Pan collection won’t be available until September 21. Pass the time by a sampling of the designs in the gallery below. If you want a reminder to soar into the product launch, visit the Cath Kidston website to sign up for an email notification.

Which items are you coveting? I’m the teensiest bit obsessed with the Peter Pan in London skirt. Fly to the comments and tell me what you like.

Images: Cath Kidston

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