Permanent Tattoo Gumball Machine is Made for GAME OF THRONES Sigils

Plunking down a hundred bucks for a completely random tattoo from a gumball machine sounds like the kind of act that takes a big heaping helping of brazen guts. Or maybe just a little too much of that Kraken action and an urge to make memories with some close friends. Either way, there’s really a tattoo shop that has a completely random “Get What You Get” tattoo gumball machine, and people really use it to get completely random — permanent — tattoos. And all we can say is… yes and please do this with Game of Thrones sigils, because that would be awesome and also it could be called the Game of Tattoos machine. Not so catchy, but that’s what this is, right?

Boing Boing reported on the tattoo gumball machine, which is located inside of the Elm Street Tattoo shop in Dallas, TX. It’s not exactly clear what inspired the The Get What You Get tattoo gumball machine, but one of the shop employees named Boogie did tell the Dallas Observer that “it’s called gambling.” Which is interesting because this is one of the few times in life where you literally have skin in the game.

Get What You Get! “You Don’t Have to be smart to get a Good Tattoo” @elmstreettattoo

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In order to play the Game of Tattoos Get What You Get gumball machine, you purchase a token for $100, slot that sucker in, then check your clear plastic egg to find out which random design you’re going to have on your body for the rest of your life. It sounds extreme, but Boogie told the Observer that “They’re all good ones — old-school snakes, devil heads.” So really, you can’t go wrong. You may even luck out and get a devil-headed snake. Plus, these tattoos would usually cost $160-180, so you’re seeing savings on your random 3AM drunken decision right away.

And while it’s hard to imagine trusting permanent tattoo selection to fate, it seems a lot more reasonable to trust it to the Gods. Seriously, look at these sigils.

We’d get any one of these as a tattoo. Could even get two of them facing off on your back — Lannister v. Stark on your shoulder blades, anybody?

What do you think about this tattoo gumball machine? Pop out some thoughts in comments below!


Images: YouTube / CBSDFW

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