Perception Delivers First-Person Thrills and Chills

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You walk into an old mansion, fumbling around while trying to figure out what you’re doing there. Mysteries abound throughout the haunted house. Danger seems to be around every corner. You feel a presence.

And you’re blind.

Perception puts you into the role of Cassie, the blind protagonist who must rely on her wits to solve the mysteries of the mansion and escape its deadly presence. You’re not completely in the dark, however, as you’ll use your powers of echolocation to perceive the world around you: by sensing echoes from objects in the room, you’ll be able to “see” each room and its contents.

Released on May 30th, Perception was created by several developers who’d worked on BioShock and BioShock Infinite. The first-person horror adventure features psychological scares from start to finish, with The Presence being the ultimate threat to your survival. You’ll be able to use your cane to tap out sounds for more clues, but rely on it too much and The Presence may hear you and kill you.

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Image Credit: The Deep End Games

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