The Soda-Infused Pepsi-Roni Pizza Sounds Surprisingly Appetizing

For a pretty easygoing food item, pizza is routinely controversial for one reason or another. Most often for the ingredients plopped on top of the pizza. Want to start pizza-related drama? State your position on pineapples on pizza and a ruckus will likely ensue. Pepsi is getting in on the potentially-controversial pizza trends. And it’s doing so with a Pepsi-infused pizza, the very cleverly named Pepsi-roni Pizza.

Pepsi is teaming up with Culinary Institute of America on Pepsi-roni Pizza, a pizza made with Pepsi

Pepsi teamed up with the Culinary Institute of America to make this curious snackable masterpiece. The collaboration is in honor of National Pizza Party Day, which is May 20. And to celebrate, Pepsi is hosting a Pepsi-roni pizza party in lower Manhattan—which is allegedly pepperoni’s birthplace. Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., those wanting to snag a slice of the Pepsi-roni pizza can stop by Made in New York Pizza’s West Village location and try it for free. But the party is only going on while supplies last.

Curious as to what the Pepsi-roni pizza tastes like? Pepsi gave some insight on the Eventbrite page:

Since Pepsi is wildly* known to also enhance the taste of pizza, the brand enlisted CIA chefs to reimagine and engineer a new type of pepperoni infused with the rich caramel notes and brown spices with the citrusy pop of Pepsi cola. The unique topping recipe designed by Pepsi and CIA Consulting includes a Pepsi® Zero Sugar reduction instead of the water typically used in pepperoni preparation and layers the sweet and citrus zests Pepsi is known for with the standard spice blends found in pepperoni.

*Editor’s Note: Pretty sure they mean “widely” known.

Obviously, soda and pizza are an iconic duo. This certainly seems like another cereal with OJ situation. But in the right circumstance, the Pepsi-infused pepperoni pizza might work. After all, hot honey on pizza is a thing and what is soda if not carbonated sugar?

Not in New York City? Don’t worry. According to Pepsi, the Pepsi-roni pizza party is heading to other cities, including Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, and Chicago soon.

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