Dancing Pennywise Almost Killed Us With Laughter

We knew we were in for some genuine internet goodness when we learned the IT movie had shattered horror movie box office records on its opening weekend, because pop culture phenomenons always produce lots of delightful fan-made silliness. But we thought it was unlikely all of that “shipping” of Pennywise and the Babadook would be topped. But we were wrong. So wrong. Because a hilarious new Pennywise dancing Twitter account is one of the funniest things we have ever seen.

Twitter user @GamingSpeedy created @Pennywise_Dance, an account solely dedicated to the scene from IT when Pennywise terrifies Beverly with a super creepy dance. Like everything else actor Bill Skarsgaard did as the evil clown, it was genuinely unsettling to watch, but it turns out all it takes to turn the terrifying into the theater of the absurd is the right song.

If he updates this for the rest of his life we’re going to watch every single one. In fact, if a clown appeared in a sewer and tried to lure us to follow him, all it would take is him telling us he has new Pennywise dancing videos.

Even this one that actually works as a scary song makes us laugh.

It’s taking a lot of willpower not to just share all of these, but you remember the weasels from Who Framed Roger Rabbit who died from laughter? That almost happened to our editor-in-chief Rachel Heine yesterday when she saw this. Please, internet denizens, don’t try to outdo this. Not because we don’t want to be wrong again, but because Rachel barely survived this.

What song do you want to see Pennywise dance to? Float into our comments below and let us know.

Feature Image: New Line

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