Pedro Pascal Is TOO Into His THE LAST OF US Character in SNL Host Tease

It’s Pedro Pascal’s moment. What can we say? He’s hitting it out of the park as apocalypse daddy Joel in The Last of Us. And he is slated for a triumphant return as space daddy in The Mandalorian season three. On top of all that, he will host Saturday Night Live for the first time. That is if he can leave The Last of Us behind. Let’s take a look at the first impression Pedro Pascal made on the Saturday Night Live set. Spoilers: There are Clickers and hammers involved. Bless your heart, Pedro Pascal.

Listen, it’s an honest mistake. We feel like we’re about to meet one of The Last of Us‘ infected Clickers at every turn, and we just watch the show. We can’t imagine what it’s like to really step into Joel’s mind. And we don’t really think we’d want to. Although, we have to say, and Joel would probably agree with us, that a hammer against an infected does not seem like a fight we’d want to pick. Where is your Darksaber, Pedro Pascal? But, hey, new cast member Matt does a very convincing zombie impression. And The Last of Us really does get under your skin.

Pedro Pascal set to host Saturday Night Live parodies The Last of Us in tease

The truly good news is that Pedro and the Clicker got to the root of their issue and then danced it out. We love to see a positive resolution. Maybe Joel can give it a try on The Last of Us?

But in all honesty, we are cackling over this Saturday Night Live tease already. Although Pedro Pascal’s next turns both entail a lot of drama, his comedic timing and facial expressions are top-notch. We can’t wait to see what kind of skits he’ll take part in when his episode of Saturday Night Live finally airs. But we certainly hope there will be more zombies and more The Last of Us parodies involved. Matt is ready to go, after all. We’d also love to see our favorite child Grogu make a cameo, but he could still be enjoying his time off before The Mandalorian season three airs on March 1.

Pedro Pascal hosts Saturday Night Live on February 4, 2023, with musical guest Coldplay.

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