Peacock and Paramount+ Are Considering a Streaming Merger

Get ready for Mountcock+… Or is that ParaPea? Whatever the appropriate portmanteau, there’s more “streaming is becoming cable” news for us to read with a sigh today. According to The Wall Street Journal, Paramount Global and Comcast have discussed merging streamers Paramount+ and Peacock. Honestly, it feels like there’s some sense to be had here because people are often confusing the two P-titled streamers. But name recognition is probably not why these discussions are on the table. As the number of new subscribers available starts to wane, streamers are searching for new ways to make money.

Peacock and Paramount Plus consider merging - The Office and Star Trek offerings

As The Wall Street Journal shares of this possible union between Peacock and Paramount+, “Bringing the two streaming apps under one roof could produce significant cost savings—from spending on programming to marketing—and create a more in-depth offering for consumers, especially with regard to live sports. A commercial partnership or joint venture are among the arrangements the companies could pursue.”

Companies always name-check consumer benefits when it comes to changes in streaming. But, right now, whether consumers benefit even a little from streaming shenanigans seems like an unclear prospect. Still, merging feels somewhat better than more ads or price increases. But, although it feels ridiculous as a concept, steps like a potential merger between Paramount+ and Peacock constantly take the industry one step back toward cable. Is that good? Is that bad? It’s hard to say. Cable felt stable, if expensive. Now, everything just feels wild.

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It’s unclear whether this merge between Paramount+ and Peacock will actually happen. Paramount+ has also reportedly spoken to Max and Apple TV+ about a potential unification. We guess we’ll have to wait and see how this shakes out. However, it feels like the future is already written in the cards. The question is more just who eventually will control all streaming channels. Hopefully someone with only consumer benefits in mind…

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