Paul Rudd Pretends to be Chris Evans Watching CAPTAIN AMERICA

While Marvel Studios‘ upcoming Captain America: Civil War might have the majority of their heroes pitted against each other in a brutal fight to end all fights, behind the camera, it’s a different story. With every behind-the-scenes video you see from the set of a Marvel film, it becomes clear these actors all love each other to pieces, and that they enjoy goofing around together. And they also just love to take friendly jabs at each other at any chance they get — especially if there are cameras around.

Case in point: the directors of Civil War, Joe and Anthony Russo, decided to give their fans a sneak peek at Chris Evans‘ reaction to seeing the finished film for the very first time, and recorded the reaction to show to the fans on Facebook. In the video, they say “It’s a very stressful moment for directors to show the star the movie for the first time,” Except, it wasn’t Chris Evans at all, it was Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd, wearing a cheap-o Cap mask and holding the shield, impersonating his buddy Chris.

Considering how many famous ensembles actually had not-so-warm relationships behind the scenes –the cast of the original Star Trek for example — it’s nice to see that the actors behind the Marvel heroes are friendly group who enjoy goofing around with one another, and always have each other’s backs. Robert Downey Jr. is easily the biggest star of the bunch, but he happily takes second banana status in Chris Evans’ own movie. Paul Rudd just starred in his own successful Marvel film, but it perfectly willing to take on a small role in Civil War. And this is the case for both actors, because they all enjoy spending so much time together. And that actually puts a smile on this Marvel fan’s face.

You can watch the whole silly video below:

HT: Entertainment Weekly

IMAGE: Marvel Studios

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