Patrick Stewart and Thomas Middleditch Are in the Midst of an Epic Instagram Battle

We swear this is real: Sir Patrick Stewart and Silicon Valley‘s Thomas Middleditch are currently engaged in a trash-talking, silly-memes-spewing  Instagram battle, and it is a reminder that sometimes the Internet can be the dumbest, best thing ever.Reddit user soulexpectation noticed that Stewart had inexplicably and seemingly out of nowhere made fun of Middleitch on his Instagram page.

Stewart then posted another funny photo. (Make sure you are reading Stewart’s captions, because they are even better than the pictures.)

That second post got a response from Middleditch, who shared this Captain Picard ditty.

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Then things got really good.

That required Middleditch to really up his game, and oh man did he do that.

Amazing. I hope they do this for the rest of their lives.But why are they doing it? How in the world did these two people end up making fun of one another on Instagram? It’s because they’re actually very good friends, as Reddit user runrudyrun noted Middleditch talked about in this Hot Ones video (starting at 7:19).

THAT MAKES THIS EVEN BETTER.Wait, does that mean this battle goes back even further?YUP!

P-Stew thinks he’s all that? Well NOT ANYMORE. Line in the sand, DRAWN. @sirpatstew

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Shots. Fired. SIR. @sirpatstew

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You know, sometimes the internet really is the best, usually at its dumbest.But you know what’s always the best and never dumb? Friendship. And making fun of your friends. That’s the best too. The dumber the better.Who is currently winning this Instagram battle? Tell us who you got in the comments below.

Featured Image: HBO

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