8 Highlights from the PARKS AND RECREATION Reunion at PaleyFest

As Parks and Recreation was one of the most delightful television series of its time, it stands to reason that a Parks and Recreation reunion should too be an unremitting delight. While we’re all still waiting for the Pawnee Parks Department to come together once more onscreen, the world did treat itself to a PaleyFest cast reunion celebrating the tenth anniversary of the show’s premiere.

As you can imagine, the panel—moderated by comedian and one-time Parks guest star Patton Oswalt—was riddled with laughs and good vibes, but also a few interesting revelations. And even if you weren’t there to enjoy the fun, the Paley Center’s official Twitter account shared all the goodness with the world at large. Here are some of the highlights of the ordeal.

Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones’ real life friendship echoed Leslie and Ann’s

We often wonder if our favorite onscreen duos are faking it for the cameras or if their close relationships are in any way founded in reality. Evidently, and thankfully, the latter is true for Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones, whose Parks and Rec counterparts Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins are one of the most charming examples of TV friendship.

Leslie was a boon to Amy’s mental health

Watching Leslie seize control of her varied destinies has helped many of us through some trying times, so you can imagine how empowering it must have been to actually be her. The experience certainly seems to have had a positive impact on Amy Poehler.

People yell, “Damn it, Jerry!” at Jim O’Heir all the time

Poor Jerry still can’t catch a break, though his spirit remains gleefully intact.

The cast used to have free-for-all takes

Given that many of the Parks cast members were experienced improvisers, Mike Schur often let them go wild in the final takes for scenes.

Chris Pratt improvised one of his character’s funniest lines

Season three’s “Flu Season” episode was remarkably strong overall, but one especially memorable moment was Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer mistaking an internet error message for a medical diagnosis. Evidently, Pratt came up with the gag himself.

Aubrey Plaza says the April and Andy pairing was her idea

The perpetually caustic April Ludgate and unflappably joyful Andy Dwyer turned out to be an incredible pairing, and it all began when the two characters were stuck alone together in the office in a season two episode. It seems that Plaza was integral in igniting the fire of their relationship.

Ben got Adam Scott into Game of Thrones

First Cones of Dunshire, then Game of Thrones? Ben Wyatt is a trendsetter.

There was talk of a movie

While we’re not holding our breath for a Parks and Rec movie, Patton Oswalt at least got Mike Schur to comment on the subject.

See? A true delight.

Featured Image: The Paley Center for Media

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