Paramount+ Sets Price Increases for Most Tiers Starting in August

Another day, another streaming price increase. This time, it’s Paramount+ that will raise the prices on most of its tiers. Starting in August, Paramount+ subscribers can expect to pay a little more (again) to keep their access to the platform alive. Here’s how the price increases breakdown for Paramount+ this summer.

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First, the company’s merged offering, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, will see its price increase by $1. That means it will now cost $12.99 per month for existing and new customers. Meanwhile, the Paramount+ Essential plan will increase by $2 per month and will cost $7.99 per month overall. However, the price increase of this plan will only affect new subscribers. Existing customers who are subscribed to the Paramount+ Essential plan will retain their current price of $5.99. Paramount+’s Limited Commercial Plan, which is now a legacy plan on the platform, will also increase by $1 and will cost $7.99 per month.

Annual subscription plans to Paramount+ will not currently see an increase in price.

These Paramount+ price hikes will become effective on August 20 for all new Paramount+ customers. Meanwhile, existing customers will see changes take place on their next billing date on or after September 20.

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Despite these increases in costs, it is worth noting that Paramount+ with SHOWTIME remains cheaper than most other streamers’ ad-free plans. And its ad-supported plans are comparably priced. However, as most streamers keep raising prices, that does not exactly say very much for Paramount+. Regardless of the cost of one streamer specifically, the endless stream of price increases and other streaming restrictions is probably unsustainable for Paramount+ and all other streamers. It seems that at one point, streamers were focused on providing a good user experience. However, since subscription numbers have become all but tapped out, the focus has turned to ads and price increases across the board, from Paramount+ to Max and beyond.

Ultimately, that begs the question, will users pay the price or simply opt out? Only time will tell.

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