Paraglider Turns Himself Into a Flying Couch Potato

Hasan Kaval, a Turkish paraglider who apparently lives one of the most charmed lives imaginable, recently turned himself into a couch potato. But because Kaval is a paraglider, and because he’s probably never sat on a grounded couch for more than five seconds in his life, he turned himself into a flying couch potato. One who soared through the skies over Turkey while watching Tom and Jerry and drinking soda.

Kaval posted his maiden gliding-couch flight to his YouTube channel earlier this month, simply referring to himself as the “Flying Couch Potato.” Kaval’s YouTube channel has a couple of other paragliding videos, but this one is far and away the most entertaining. Which is odd because Kaval is just sitting there! (Insert tumbleweed blowing through the clouds.)

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Most of the video, as expected, is quite chill, as Kaval cruises through the sky over the Turkish beach resort village, Ölüdeniz. But there are two moments where it looks like the aerial operation could’ve been in jeopardy: during liftoff and landing. The former event—which begins at around 1:20 in the video—causes an especially noticeable case of gut-drop as the giant piece of furniture jostles in the wind.

In an Instagram post, Kaval said that it took him two years to bring this paragliding couch idea to life. He even shows a little snapshot of the build process toward the end of the video. We can only assume that he put together the flying leather sofa in between riding horses on the beach, wielding huge axes, and generally looking majestic AF.

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What do you think about Hasan Kaval’s turn as the grand and almighty Flying Couch Potato? Would you like to see Kaval pull off other types of flying furniture, or are you just working on a way to go do a tandem flight with him in Turkey? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image: Hasan Kaval 

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