Panic’s New Handheld Game System Comes With 12 Games–And a Crank?

Panic is an independent publisher of video games, including the critically acclaimed Firewatch and the upcoming Untitled Goose Game (which we are still very excited to play). The game publisher recently took everyone by surprise with the announcement of a new, completely original handheld game system with pixelated black and white graphics that bring us back to the early days of portable gaming. It’s small, yellow, and called Playdate. Oh, and did we mention it has a crank?

The new system was announced in a thread on Twitter, which began by explaining just why the company wanted to develop it:

Panic wanted a challenge, and challenge themselves they did, so they turned to an engineering company for the nuts and bolts (literally). The engineering company added the crank on the side, which isn’t used to power the tiny system, but even better—it is used as a gameplay element. In one announced game, for example, a turn of the crank can rewind time.

Panic’s New Handheld Game System Comes With 12 Games–And a Crank?_1

Also unique to the system is a twelve-week “season” of new games, with one arriving per week until the season is complete. The games are surprises as well; only a few glimpses of the black and white title screens have been released so far. The system will light up when a new game is waiting for you.

Playdate has a retail price of $149, games included, and you can sign up now to be notified once pre-orders are open. Look for the innovative new handheld system in early 2020.

All Images: Panic

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