Watch the First Trailer for PACIFIC RIM: THE BLACK Anime Series

The Kaiju once had foes. Gigantic robots, called Jaegers, loomed over cities, prepared to stand against the massive beasts and protect innocents. The Jaegers and their pilots saved the day time and time again. But no longer. The world as we knew it in Guillermo del Toro‘s 2013 film Pacific Rim is about to expand. The threat of the Kaiju continues in a new anime series from Legendary, Pacific Rim: The Black. The show is coming to Netflix soon, and we have the very first trailer. Get ready because it throws viewers right into an intense environment. Watch:

“This is not living. We’re waiting here to die.”

Siblings Taylor and Hayley are at the center of the show. We see them throughout the trailer and learn about the state of things through their eyes. The teens have been through a lot, but it doesn’t look like they have rest coming anytime soon. They’re too busy operating a Jaeger and dodging Kaiju of all shapes and sizes and some sort of mysterious, very formidable looking foe.

Watch the First Trailer for PACIFIC RIM: THE BLACK Anime Series_1


Pacific Rim: The Black is set in Australia. Kaiju have overrun everything, forcing the evacuation of the entire continent. Taylor and Hayley were left behind. As you can see in the trailer, they’re desperately searching for their missing parents—even though it means putting themselves at risk. They discover a long-abandoned Jaeger and while the robot is far beyond its prime, it’s a better defense than nothing. If they learn how to pilot it properly, the Jaeger is some kind of protection against the many Kaiju they’ll have to defeat.

Pacific Rim: The Black will arrive on Netflix on March 4, 2021.

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