OVERWATCH Reveals 3 New Characters and Cinematic at Blizzcon

Contrary to popular cowboy logic and what long hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 might have you believe, this town is big enough for the two of us. In fact, in  Overwatch, it’s now beg enough for the 29 of us, as we learned during Jeff Kaplan’s remarks during the Blizzcon opening ceremony on Friday.As expected, Kaplan and the Overwatch team unveiled a new cinematic at the fan convention. Entitled “Reunion,” the cinematic short takes place on the Western-themed Route 66 and finds the cyborg cowboy Jesse McCree (voiced by Critical Role‘s Matthew Mercer) squaring off with a hearty slice of apple pie, as well as members of villainous Deadlock Gang.

The short introduced us to some seriously cool new characters like Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe, the white-haired spitfire who leads the Deadlock Gang and has some major history with McCree; Bob, the mustachioed Omnic mech; and Echo, a mysterious white robot that used to fight alongside McCree and the other members of Overwatch.
While Kaplan teased that Echo will eventually be a playable hero—perhaps number 30—the biggest reveal of his presentation is that Ashe will be the newest hero joining Overwatch‘s ever-expanding roster. Wielding a hunting rifle for long-distance combat in one hand and a sawed-off shotgun for close-up encounters in the other, Ashe looks like a certified badass. Not only can she hurl dynamite at her enemies and punch McCree square in his handsome face, but for her ultimate ability she can summon Bob to wreak havoc on her enemies. And in case this wasn’t enough to get you hyped, Ashe is voiced by the legendary Jennifer Hale, whom many of you know best as Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect franchise.No word yet on Ashe’s release date or when she’ll be playable on the Public Test Realm server, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the newest addition to Overwatch in the comments below.

Images: Blizzard

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