This OVERWATCH Fan Created Custom ASL Hand Signs for the Game

In just over two years, Overwatch has become a cultural phenomenon that extends into the realm of competitive gaming. The Overwatch League has a passionate following of its own, and there’s at least one fan who is using the game to create a new signs in American sign language.

The latest edition of Blizzard‘s Watchpoint series recently put the spotlight on Danik Soudakoff, a 14-year old Overwatch fan who demonstrated his custom ASL signs that he and the on-site interpreter for the deaf and hearing impaired came up with to represent the game’s lineup of characters and their unique motions. And as Soudakoff explains in the video, he doesn’t let the fact that he’s deaf get in the way of enjoying the experience of being in the crowd during an Overwatch League match.

We first spotted this story at Compete, and it was immediately clear that Soudakoff’s enthusiasm for Overwatch is infectious. He also showed off his ASL signs for Widowmaker’s sniper rifle, the motion of Genji’s blade during his ultimate, and Mercy’s hand gesture as she heals the other characters.

Soudakoff noted that he has difficulty following Overwatch on stream because he can’t “understand anything.” But attending the live competitions at Blizzard Arena in Burbank gives him a more fulfilling experience.”Because I can’t hear anything, when I see people screaming and cheering I feel the energy.” He also shared his desire to become a professional Overwatch player, before meeting his favorite team and players after the match.

What do you think about Soudakoff’s ASL signs for the Overwatch characters? Share your thoughts below!

Image: Blizzard

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