D.Va Takes the Spotlight in New OVERWATCH Animated Short

Over the last few years, Blizzard has dropped a few impressive animated shorts that have expanded upon the mythology of Overwatch‘s characters. This week, at the Overwatch Fan Festival in South Korea, Blizzard debuted its newest short, “Shooting Star,” which puts the spotlight on Hana Song, the heroine known as D.Va. The new story plays against Hana’s image as a superficial idol by exploring what she’s like when she isn’t in front of the cameras. There’s a heavy burden on Hana’s shoulders, but she doesn’t have to handle it alone.

There are some similarities between this short and Pacific Rim, specifically the team of mech pilots who were on duty to defend South Korea from the annual attacks by the omnic. Hana may seem superficial as D.Va, but the new story reveals her intense desire to stay ready for the next omnic assault. Hana is all too aware that her previous victory was tenuous at best, and she has good reason to be worried. Another omnic attack occurs far sooner than expected, which leaves Hana in a very precarious situation.

This does raise some questions about who or what is controlling the omnic, and the short also appears to be a turning point in Hana’s development as D.Va. We may or may not see some of those characteristics reflected in the game, but Overwatch is getting a new map that is based upon D.Va’s home turf. Blizzard has debuted a brief video tour of Overwatch‘s Busan map, which shows us a serene temple, a few of the city streets, and even D.Va’s personal headquarters.

Blizzard hasn’t announced when the Busan map will be made available to Overwatch players, but the teaser video indicates that it will drop soon.

What do you think about the new D.Va animated story? And are you eager to throw down in Busan? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: Blizzard

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