Support LGBTQ+ Youth By Showing Your OVERLIGHT Pride

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Renegade Game Studios invites tabletop gamers of all stripes to join in supporting the Kaleidoscope Youth Center! Pick up the exclusive new Overlight inspired T-shirt, which features pink pride triangles and dazzling rainbow colors, at this year’s Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH or have it shipped directly to your house. You’ll look good and feel good knowing your donation is helping LGBTQ+ youth. Win-win!

The Ohio-based non-profit provides safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ teens to hang out, support and discussion groups, clubs to find kindred spirits interested in art and games, and much more. The staff and volunteers at Kaleidoscope Youth Center also offer health and wellness education, mentors, and other resources to help kids navigate into adulthood.


Renegade Game Studios values the diversity of the gaming community, and we wear those values with pride,” says Teri Litorco, Senior Marketing Manager. “Part of our desire to support Kaleidoscope Youth Center is because they do incredible life-changing work supporting LGBTQIA+ youth in the Columbus area. Overlight is a kaleidoscopic fantasy RPG that seemed a perfect thematic match for this initiative. Additionally, some of the fundraising campaign supporters will be attending June’s Origins Game Fair in Columbus where they can pick up these special edition Overlight shirts. We’ll be donning our shirts at the convention to show allyship and pride and hope other gamers will do the same wherever they are.”


If you’re a fan of Geek & Sundry‘s  Overlight: Fractured Paradox, consider showing your support and your love of the show with this exclusive shirt. In the six-episode series with Aliza Pearl in the Game Master seat, a motley crew of Skyborn explorers encounter strange occurrences in their fractured, floating world. Using the  Overlight RPG system, this kaleidoscopic fantasy crosses through colorful landscapes, with our heroes channeling the mythical Overlight to perform astonishing feats.

Shirts are only available for a limited time, so consider lending your support today!

Images: Renegade Game Studios / Geek & Sundry

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