Out Of Context Critical Role One-Liners That Make Us Giggle

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How many times have you found yourself laughing along with the cast of Critical Role? Whether Grog says a head-shaking comment, or Vex makes a snarky “oh please do go on” drawl, each week, you sit down with a handful of actors who play D&D for the evening and you feel like one of them, but then suddenly you get distracted and come back to the conversation to something like this:

So what happens if you hear an offhanded comment without knowing the context? If you’ve tried backing up a few seconds in the video you may end up watching the same comment four times without actually getting clarity, so you let it go, thinking it just a random comment. Luckily with Critical Role, we’ve come up with a use for these quips.

There are many “out of context” blogs and message boards out there, especially those specific to D&D; like this one, or this one. You can spend hours reading through and having a good laugh, but many bloggers have taken it a step further and created meme-style macros out of their favorite hilarious comments. We decided to do the same!

Sitting down and watching just one episode (for example, the latest, Episode 86) can result in a veritable treasure trove of quips; from “Is Antlers OK over here?” to “You’ve never played Boulder Paper Shears!?” some episodes can be chock full of hilarity and fun that will lift you up, especially on a bad day.

Check out the gallery below of just a handful of out of context quotes we liked best!

With 85+ Episodes to peruse, we’re sure there’s hundreds of gems out there; comment below with your favorite one-liners and we may make a meme-style macro about it!

All image credits: Wizards of the Coast

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