OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH Season 2 Trailer Teases a Murderous Love Story

The course of true love never did run smooth… Especially not for Stede Bonnet, the Gentleman Pirate, and Edward Teach, a.k.a Blackbeard. Our Flag Means Death season one left our main couple in a sad state. They shared a sweet kiss, but then Stede got cold feet and tried to resume a life that no longer suited him. Unfortunately, there’s only so long a pirate can stay soft on the outside, and Blackbeard took the rejection very personally. (And understandably so.) Now Our Flag Means Death season two is sailing back into our lives, and it has shared its official fall release date and first trailer. Unfortunately, it seems like for this pirate romance, working through feelings might get a little bit messy.

Our Flag Means Death Season Two Trailer

On the one hand, we have Stede Bonnet writing Blackbeard love letters and throwing them out to sea in a bottle. On the other, we have Blackbeard annihilating weddings. Yikes. Looks like there’s a lot of work to do. “Do you think Blackbeard’s going to murder you?” Oluwande asks Stede the question we’re all thinking. Well, what’s love without a little murder? We feel like we’ll be asking that a lot if this trailer for Our Flag Means Death season two is anything to go by.

our flag means death Ed plays with Stede and Blackbeard wedding toppers (1)

But it does look like Blackbeard still has some soft spots left when it comes to Stede. We see you fantasizing about marriage there, Ed. With any luck, we’ll see that storyline play out in Our Flag Means Death season three.

our flag means death season two trailer poster art featuring Ed and Stede

This Our Flag Means Death season two trailer focuses mostly on Ed and Stede’s story, but we know there are some exciting journeys in store for the rest of our favorite characters from the show. And we can’t wait to see them all come to life.

OFMD‘s Season Two Synopsis

Alongside the trailer, we get a synopsis for Our Flag Means Death season two. It doesn’t share much about the upcoming season itself. But it does add more color to the picture we’re already seeing form.

Our Flag Means Death is based (very) loosely on the true adventures of 18th century would-be pirate Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby). After trading the seemingly charmed life of a gentleman for one of a swashbuckling buccaneer, Stede became captain of the pirate ship Revenge. Struggling to earn the respect of his potentially mutinous crew, Stede’s fortunes changed after a fateful run-in with the infamous Captain Blackbeard (Taika Waititi). To their surprise, the wildly different Stede and Blackbeard found more than friendship on the high seas…they found love. Now, they have to survive it.

Now they have to survive it, indeed.

Our Flag Means Death Season Two Release Date

Honestly, this is every queer shipper’s wildest dream come true. Speaking as one, I feel incredibly excited for season two, even just from this Our Flag Means Death trailer. The second season of the series also finally has its release date. Our Flag Means Death season two will release on October 5. It will premiere with three episodes and follow with releases of two episodes weekly after that. It will conclude its run with its season finale on October 26. That’s eight episodes total of Our Flag Means Death goodness coming to you, for those of you mathing along at home. The pirate series will stream on Max.

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