OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH Season 2 Shares October Release Date Window and First-Look Images

Ahoy, mateys! Our favorite queer pirates will soon set sail again. Our Flag Means Death has shared a release window for its highly anticipated season two. We now know that Our Flag Means Death season two will release in the best month of the year, October. Our Flag Means Death did not reveal a specific October release date, but there are only 31 days to choose from. So, we’re excited. Truly, queer folk will be living their best October lives between Pumpkin Spice, Halloween, and Our Flag Means Death season two. In addition to the release window, we also have first-look images from Our Flag Means Death‘s second outing and a host of new character details. Let’s take a look.

Our Flag Means Death Season Two First-Look Images

It is time to welcome back new and old favorites. Our Flag Means Death‘s first-look images reveal, of course, our favorite Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet and his motley crew, including Matthew Maher as Black Pete, Samba Schutte as Roach, Samson Kayo as Oluwande, Kristian Narn as Wee John, and Vico Ortiz as Jim. Additionally, Taika Waititi will return as the dastardly but soft Blackbeard. Blackbeard’s in-love/obsessed right-hand man Izzy, played by Con O’Neill, will be back as well. Not all our favorites are pictured in these first-look images, but their absence gives us something to look forward to in Our Flag Means Death season two.

Sadly, none of these images so much as tease at Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard’s reunion. Although it’s good to see them both in fine form, we would have loved at least one photo of the duo together in season two. But, we knew we probably wouldn’t get one.

What we do get is a of glimpse new characters played by Minnie Driver, Ruibo Qian, Madeleine Sami, and Anapela Polataivao. Minnie Driver will play the famous real-life pirate Anne Bonny in Our Flag Means Death season two. Other new characters, meanwhile, are more mysterious.

Our Flag Means Death Season Two Character Updates

Our Flag Means Death Izzy and Stede in season two first look article

When it comes to character updates from Our Flag Means Death season two, we get a few teases. Con O’Neill shares of fan-favorite Izzy, “Physically it’s been quite demanding, and also emotionally it’s been quite demanding to be playing a man enraged by unrequited love, who’s basically a hopeless romantic, and to be able to play all that and also remember that this is fundamentally a comedy.’’ And he notes that the more savage pirate “goes on a remarkable journey” in season two.

Our flag means death Jim and Oluwande

Meanwhile, Vico Ortiz notes of Jim, “Jim really evolves in season two… They’re a bit more chatty and a bit more conversational…. Most of the first season you see Jim in disguise, hiding, but in this one you see them a bit more [thinking,] Oh, this is my chosen family, and I feel good. There’s a bit more zaniness and a bit more softness.”

Our Flag Means Death main cast

We love both these updates. As for what happens between the rest, we’ll have to wait and see. But we have a feeling Ed and Stede can’t stay parted forever in Our Flag Means Death season two. We bet their reunion will be one for the books. Executive producer Garrett Basch sums up Our Flag Means Death‘s success. Speaking about the way the series tells a queer love story, he say “shows in the mainstream aren’t delivering that promise or that setup, and we have. That’s really why the fans have gone wild for it.” We hope Our Flag Means Death continues to deliver exactly this in its new episodes.

Our Flag Means Death Season Two Release Date Window

Blackbeard puts his arm around Stede Bonnet's neck in Our Flag Means Death

As mentioned, Our Flag Means Death season two will stream on Max in October.

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