Our 5 Favourite Feats From the Newest Unearthed Arcana

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This week’s Unearthed Arcana is really interesting. It presents 18 Feats, corresponding with the 18 skills found on your character sheet. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Feats are special talents or interests that give your character special abilities. The rules for Feats (which are optional, check with your DM first), allow you to select a Feat in place of improving your Ability Scores when you hit certain levels. The Feat list found in the Player’s Handbook is extensive and contains a lot of potential options for your character. The only things these Feats do not represent is a true mastery of the skills found on the character sheet. Before I get into the list, I want to mention one thing that every Feat does. It grants proficiency in its corresponding skill. If you are already proficient in that skill when you select the Feat, you add your proficiency bonus twice, instead of just once (which is how normal proficiency works).


Brawny is the Feat associated with Athletics. It increases your Strength score by 1 (to a maximum of 20) and counts you as being one size larger for the purpose of determining carrying capacity. Now on its surface, this doesn’t sound that incredible as you kind of have to be a hoarder to run into issues with your carrying capacity, but the first thing I thought of was Fezzik from the Princess Bride. You never know when you’ll have to scale the Cliffs of Insanity with your entire party hanging from you and cheering you on.


Historian is the Feat associated with History. It increases your Intelligence score by 1 and allows you to improve your Help action. As long as the creature you are helping can understand you and you pass a DC 15 check (with potentially double your proficiency + your INT modifier, this check should be a cake walk), that creature can then add your proficiency bonus, in addition to the advantage it makes on the check. The Feat talks about how you provide historical examples and give pertinent advice but I would like to imagine that your character is droning on about everything they know on the subject, relevant or not, all while boring the rest of your party.


Empathic is the Feat associated with Insight. It increases your Wisdom score by 1 and allows you to try and use your uncanny insight on a humanoid within 30 feet. You make a contested Insight roll (remember to add double your proficiency if you were already proficient in Insight when you selected this Feat) against their Deception and if you are successful, you gain advantage on attack rolls and skill checks against that target, until the end of your next turn. This ability is taken as an action, so you won’t get two rounds of attacks against it, barring a class feature (like Action Surge).


Theologian is the Feat associated with Religion. It increases your Intelligence score by 1 and gives you both the Thaumaturgy cantrip and the Detect Evil and Good spell that can be cast at level 1 without using a spell slot (once per long rest). The Thaumaturgy cantrip is a fun one that allows you to manifest a minor wonder within 30 feet of you. Combined with your knowledge of Religion, it might be enough to convince some simple townsfolk of your divinity and make them eager to assist your quest. Detect Evil and Good is a neat spell that allows you to sense the presence of evil and good creatures within 30 feet of you. No word on whether you have to go door-to-door with your newfound excellence in religion.


Stealthy is the Feat associated with Stealth. It increases your Dexterity score by 1 and levels up your stealth. In addition to the double proficiency, if you are hidden, you can move up to 10 feet in the open without revealing yourself, provided you end your move in a position where you are not clearly visible. The Rogue in your group is going to love this one for almost guaranteeing their Sneak Attack.

What are your favourite Feats? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast

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