Oscars 2017 Enlist Emma Stone, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and More for Mean Tweets

Even those who don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel Live regularly know that one of the late night talk show’s most popular recurring bits is Celebrity Mean Tweets. If by some miraculous stroke you haven’t before seen the antic, it entails–unshockingly–a group of otherwise beloved famous people reading defamatory tweets of which they are the subject, penned by the internet’s legion of pseudo-anonymous trolls. Considering the popularity of the routine, it was no surprise that Jimmy Kimmel, the host of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, enlisted a troupe of celebrity pals to read off the latest round of unflattering messages tweeted in their  honor.

Kimmel brought 2017 Oscar nominees Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ryan Gosling, and Casey Affleck, along with a round of likewise enamored Hollywood stars, to suffer through the bile of the ‘net once more. As per usual, one or two of the tweets in the bit are worthy of some hearty laughter–Miles Teller, as you’ll see in the video above, was the focus of a particularly clever (if not outrageously specific) barb. And it’s always encouraging to see celebs take their insults with stride–Jeff Bridges, to no one’s surprise, was happy to admit that he’s a casual pants-wearer at best.Watch the video above and laugh along with (and yes, at) some of our favorite actors and actresses. They seem to be able to take it, after all, so we don’t have to feel too bad. And let us know which were your favorite mean tweets below!

Image: ABC

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