Oscars 2017 Buses in a Group of Tourists to Meet Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling, and More

As per Academy Award ceremony tradition, Jimmy Kimmel brought one big, high-concept bit along with him to the 2017 Oscars. His delivery to this year’s viewing audience: an elaborate ruse pulled on a group of allegedly unsuspecting Los Angeles tourists. Kimmel arranged for a busload of everyday people to be led into the middle of the Oscars ceremony without prior knowledge, and paraded around the front row of A-grade celebrities, occasionally earning a handshake (or more) from the lot. Though the jury’s out on whether or not the subjects of this particular endeavor in Hollywood shtick were prepped on the fact that they’d be stepping into a room full of famous people (they seemed a little too ready with their phones and prepared statements for this to have been a total surprise), the routine nevertheless had what you’d call an “unscripted” feel to it. That is to say: awkward.

Admittedly, the line of everyday people’s interactions with a row of willing stars–included among the lot: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Jeff Bridges, Octavia Spencer, and more–yielded no particularly off-putting incidents. In fact, some celebs were especially willing to play along with the bit; Denzel Washington embraced an affianced pair and jovially “pronounced” them man and wife in front of the entire crowd. Still, Kimmel’s naturally sarcastic affectation didn’t exactly courier a seamless merging of the two communities, as the host came off a bit like he was talking down to the subjects of his bit.Still, the routine no doubt yielded a number of memorable images, including a few jabs at the expense of Casey Affleck, a crowd of people touching  Mahershala Ali’s newly won Oscar, and Ryan Gosling whispering in the ear of a woman he’s just met. That one’s already earning traction:

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Featured Image: ABC

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