This “Origami Kayak” Is A Portable Adventure

We’re going to guess it’s been a while since you’ve been kayaking. We could be dead wrong here, but there are a lot of logistical issues to deal with before you get out there on the water to do some ‘yaking, and any one of them could put up enough resistance for you to find yourself thoroughly “over it.” But if hauling around a giant watercraft is really the only thing stopping you from getting more ‘yak time in your life, then this “origami kayak” is for you.

The origami kayak, shown in its Inlet version in the clip above, is a product developed by Oru Kayak. And thanks to about 580 Kickstarter backers—as of this writing—it seems the Inlet will be available for purchase. Or at least available to those who back the campaign with a big enough contribution. There are 48 days left to pledge and $749 gets you the Inlet kayak; $829 if you want the kayak and paddle.

What do you get for that gulp-inducing amount of hard-earned seaweed? A 20-pound kayak that can support up to 275 pounds and fold down into a luggage-sized carrying case. There is no case for the Inlet by the way, it just folds into itself and becomes its own case, which is awesome.

For those who love the idea of having a foldable kayak, but want to be able to take along a pet, child, or heavy gear for the voyage, there are other models available on Oru’s site, like the Beach L, that can hold up to 300 pounds, or the The Coast XT, which can handle 400. We won’t tell you the price of those ones ’cause we’re talking about the Inlet here, but needless to say, they’ll require you to shell out a lot of foldable green paper.

This awesome device has us wondering what else could be made in origami fashion?

Header Image Credit: Oru Kayak 

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