Oreos are one of the best snacks on this planet. It is a fact that is not up for debate. What other cookie is good enough for its own indestructible vault? Those tasty chocolate cookies with creme filling are just the right amount of sweet. Pairing a stack with a glass of milk? Perfection. There have been many types of wonderful and weird variations on Oreos over the years. But you’ll definitely want to catch every single one of these upcoming designs. Yes, that was a lowkey reference to Pokémon. And yes, Oreo and Pokémon are joining forces to make you chase Oreo Pokémon cookies. (Thank you DesignTaxi for bringing this to our attention.)

The cookie company is offering limited edition Pokémon cookies with 16 different characters to capture. But, of course, this mission to catch ‘em all isn’t so simple. Some of them will be easier to find while others are a rarer type. Ahhh the thrill of the chase. It’s the type of action fans can’t get enough of. If that’s not enough to get you on board, then perhaps this cute clip will do the trick.

It includes an arrangement of Oreos that form the shape of the beloved Pikachu. There’s a quick action sequence of Pikachu making a run for it before he is captured. The difference is, he’s on the outside of a cookie. I assume Pikachu will be relatively easy to find.

So what other characters will you have to look for? Here’s the list: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Mew, Jigglypuff, Dratini, Piplup, Sableye, Sandshrew, Cyndaquil, Pancham, Snivy, Grookey, Rowlet, and Lapras.

up close photo of Oreo package with several Pokémon characters on the front


The cookie packs won’t hit stores until September 13. But a link for pre-orders is already live for those who want to secure their packages early. Hopefully this doesn’t cause a mess like those trading cards. It’s not clear if there is some sort of prize or accolade if you catch ’em all. You’ll probably have to be happy with a cool photo and bragging rights.

What a playful and cute way to make you spend loads of money.