China Is Getting Some Bizarre and Spicy Oreo Flavors

While North America is doing it right when it comes to candy and snacks, other parts of the world tend to take our sweet flavors and expand up and subvert them in any way possible. Perhaps the most notable example is Japan’s relationship with Kit-Kat bars: While we pretty much just have the standard chocolate-flavored ones in America, over there, they go all out and they have hundreds of flavors. The love affair is so deep, in fact, that there’s even a Kit-Kat museum in Japan. Now there’s a new example to add to the strange and fascinating roster of international treat variations, as Oreo just introduced a pair of interesting flavors that you’ll only find in China: Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi (via Design Taxi).

Oreo describes the flavors as “salty and spicy,” not flavors that we typically associate with sweet, crunchy Oreos. Assuming you don’t find yourself in China anytime soon, though, there are still plenty of options if you’re looking to get adventurous with your Oreos: Oreo has a bunch of non-standard flavors in the US that you can seek out and tryup, like strawberry shortcake, piña colada, kettle corn, and many others.

What’s the strangest Oreo flavor you’ve ever tried? How about the best non-traditional one? I once had some blueberry pie-flavored ones that were an absolute delight. Share your thoughts down in the comments below!

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