Open a Tauntaun and Get THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Tsum Tsum Collection

Winter is delivering snow and cold to many parts of the world this time of the year, and if you’re feeling a chill this December, you can plan on warming yourself by snuggling into a pile of new Star Wars Tsum Tsum toys–no smelly guts required! Thanks to Anakin and His Angel, I learned Disney’s next Tsum Tsum release on December 20 is all about The Empire Strikes Back, specifically Hoth.

The collection includes Hoth Leia (the best Leia outfit and hairstyle, in case you didn’t know), General Veers, K-3PO, an AT-AT Driver, a snowtrooper, and 2-1B. I love how angry Veers’ little eyebrows look. He probably wouldn’t be thrilled about being turned into a soft and cuddly little toy–which makes it all the better.

These plushes are all begging to be added to my collection. You can see close-ups of each Tsum Tsum in the gallery below.

If, like me, you immediately wondered about where the heck the wampa and tauntaun Tsum Tsum toys were, don’t panic. Disney has a whole tauntaun collection that comes with a tauntaun carrying bag. Thank the maker! The inside of the bag is pink, and you have to extract mini Tsum Tsum plushes from its guts. Genius, Disney.

You can find a wampa, a tauntaun, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo inside the tauntaun bag. I’m already planning on carrying around the bag as my new purse.

Are you planning to purchase any or all of these Hoth edition Star Wars Tsum Tsum plushes when they come to the Disney Store on December 20? Head to the comments and tell me which ones you’ll be adding to your stacks.

Images: Disney/Lucasfilm

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