ONRUSH Could Combine the Best of OVERWATCH and ROCKET LEAGUE

With everything from sweeping stories like Shadow of the Colossus, to imaginative puzzle games like Braid, to the battle royale extravaganza that is Fortnite, it feels like everything has already been done in gaming. It’s hard to imagine developers could make something we haven’t seen before. But Codemasters has done something special with Onrush. The newly released vehicular combat game by the British developer combines the best aspects of both Rocket League and Overwatch.

In Rocket League, players use cars to score the ball in a giant game of soccer. The goal in Onrush is to slam into opponents, slalom through courses, and earn boosts. Like Overwatch, it’s played online with two teams of six. It’s also similar in that the various vehicles serve different roles, much like Overwatch’s heroes. Some cars are more support oriented, providing extra shields for teammates for example, while others deal more damage, and so on. As a long time support player with way too many hours on Mercy in Overwatch, it could be cool to see how those skills transfer to a racing game.

Onrush has multiple game modes too, including a race against the clock where players increase their time by driving around the map, a battle mode, and king of the hill. With so many shooters and combat-based games on the horizon, Onrush could be a much-needed change of pace, pun intended. While it may not be an entirely novel idea, the game has the potential to become a new favorite by creatively combining aspects of others we already love. We have seen other vehicular combat games like Twisted Metal, but Onrush seems to be doing something unique. It’s available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Images: Codemasters

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