ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING Drops Teaser Trailer and Reveals Release Date

There aren’t too many comedy series that have people’s hearts right now. But Only Murders in the Building has certainly found its audience. The Hulu series starring Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short is gearing up for its fourth season full of mystery. Only Murders in the Building just gave fans the gift of not only a teaser trailer but also an August 27 release date

Here’s a quick synopsis of what’s going down next season: 

 In season four of “Only Murders in the Building,” Charles, Oliver & Mabel wrestle with the shocking events at the end of season three surrounding Charles’ stunt double & friend Sazz Pataki. Questioning whether Sazz or Charles was the intended victim, our trio’s investigation leads them all the way to Los Angeles where a Hollywood studio is readying a film about the Only Murders podcast. As our amateur sleuths race back to New York, they embark on an even more epic journey — traversing their building’s courtyard to delve into the twisted lives of the Arconia’s West Tower residents.

Only Murders in the building trailer characters look through a bullet hole

The teaser trailer for Only Murders in the Building certainly promises a good time, indeed.

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