ONE-PUNCH MAN Season 2 Announcement Teaser Sets a Date

The anime you’ve been waiting for three years to see more of is finally ready…to announce that you’ll have to wait another eight months before you can get season 2 of One-Punch Man. Sorry if that feels like a jab, but it takes time to put together a real knockout, y’know. Here’s hoping it will be an uppercut above the rest, worthy of a five-knuckle shuffle. But maybe that’s just fistful thinking. Still, we’ll be haymakers while the sun shines, so to speak…

In season 2, you can expect punchy hero Saitama to confront his arch-nemesis, the hero-beatdown-giver Garou. You can also probably expect a new look, as a different studio will be handling the animation, and are taking the time to get it right. Most of what you see in the trailer above is a highlight reel from season 1, and one would hope that Viz Media are showing it off as an example of a standard they expect to maintain or even beat.

Freeze-frame the trailer above and you’ll be able to unearth various quotes that fly by. We definitely look forward to the Monster Association, and of course, plenty of pugilistic pounding. For  guy who always needs new challenges, Saitama lives quite the exciting life. And he’s the universe’s gift to bald guys who like cosplay and are tired of just being Professor X and Captain Picard over and over, because they don’t get to punch things.

Are you excited for the return of One-Punch Man? Ready to feel more punch-drunk love than Adam Sandler? Let us know in comments.

Image: Viz Media.

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